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Danica Ejendomme wants to provide transparent websites that offer you relevant content. Therefore, we use cookies, a technology for collecting information about you, about how you and other visitors use our website, and about how you use our digital apps.

The purpose of these guidelines is to inform you how we use cookies and how we use your information so that you can decide whether to accept or reject cookies. We also tell you what you should be aware of and how you can prevent the use of your information.


What are cookies?

Cookies are passive software files stored on your computer or other IT equipment that collect information. We use the term "cookies" broadly, but it covers both actual cookies and similar technologies used in browsers and apps. Cookies cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs. Cookies do not record who you are or where you live, but they can tell us which websites you have visited on your device, e.g. your mobile phone or tablet. We may combine this with other information we have about you.


General cookie overview and brief information on why we use cookies

Below is an overview of the four types of cookies we use and what they are used for as well as examples of cookies that we may store on your device when you use our website.




Examples of cookies


These cookies help us to ensure that our website works by enabling basic functions such as page navigation, language selection and access to secure areas of the website. The website will not function properly without these cookies, and you cannot reject them when using our website.

  • Danica Ejendomme cookies
  • Qbrick


Functional cookies (also called preference cookies) enable our website to remember the settings you have chosen, which influence how the page is displayed. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner.

  • Qualtrics


We use these cookies to track visitor behaviour on our website in aggregate form so that we can measure and optimise our website's effectiveness. For example, we track how visitors use our site, which region they come from and which features they look at. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner.

Adobe Analytics


These cookies enable us to identify you (your device) and profile your behaviour so that we can deliver content that is relevant to you. We also compare your navigation on our website with data that we purchase from third-party suppliers so that we can be more relevant in our marketing to you and so that we can deliver direct marketing on media/websites other than our own. You can reject these cookies in the cookie banner. Some third parties set their marketing cookies through our website – by agreement with us – so that we can compare what you have shown an interest in on our website with what you have shown an interest in on other websites. In the section "Third-party cookies" below, you can see which marketing cookies from third parties we have on our website as well as a link to a description of how they handle your cookie data.

  1. Adform
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Celebrus
  7. Adobe (demdex)






Cookies that are set by third parties via our website are not managed by us but by the third parties in question. You can read the cookie guidelines for these third-party suppliers in the "Third-party cookies" section below.

See the cookie panel below to learn more about when a set cookie expires.

The first time you access one of our websites or download our, we set the cookies that are necessary for you to use our service. These cookies are called necessary cookies. When you accept cookies, we set cookies according to the choices you have made to improve and measure the effectiveness of our service and to be able to send you relevant marketing messages.


Rejection of the use of cookies – browser

You can choose to reject all cookies except necessary cookies by selecting "Only necessary" in the banner. This means that only the cookies that are necessary for our website to function and to remember your cookie selection are set. You can also reject cookies by clicking the Change cookie settings link in the cookie panel below.


Change of consent to the use of cookies – browser

You can change your consent at any time by deleting all your cookies. How you delete cookies depends on the browser you use, but you can always find help on how to delete cookies in your browser at www.aboutcookies.org

Remember to delete cookies in all browsers if you use more than one browser. If you have deleted your cookies and revisit our website, you will be asked to give your consent to the use of cookies again, and here you can reject all unnecessary cookies. You can then continue without us setting other cookies than the ones that are necessary for you to use our services. You can also click the Change cookie settings link in the cookie panel below to reject cookies.

You can completely avoid cookies by turning off the use of cookies in your browser. However, you should be aware that if you switch cookies off, you will no longer be able to log in to our digital solutions or use other functions that require cookies.


Change of consent – apps

If you want to change your consent in an app, you must first uninstall the app and then reinstall it with the new consent.


Third-party cookies on our website

Some of the marketing cookies that are activated on your device when you visit our website and consent to marketing cookies are owned by third parties. These third parties help Danica Ejendomme deliver relevant marketing messages when you visit their websites. These third parties may use the information their cookies collect about you for purposes other than those decided by Danica Ejendomme, and if you accept such marketing cookies/services, you also accept that the third party's cookie guidelines and policies on processing of personal data apply.



If you ask us to contact you, send us an email, or ask to be sent a brochure or similar material via our website, you will typically be asked to provide your name, address, email address, telephone number and other information necessary for us to process and respond to your enquiry. We do not use cookies to store this information.


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